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One of the ways that Micah Global provides support to members and to the wider Christian community is to provide, facilitate and convene national, regional and global events on issues relevant to the network and our focus areas. The types of events Micah Global uses are:


This is an informal gathering of representatives from Christian organisations to exchange thoughts, opinions, feelings and testimonies around a specific topic / theme. It is an opportunity for members and interested non-members to discuss developments and thinking, to explore theological perspectives, good practice and learning. Micah Global convenes integral mission conversations as a platform to encourage discussions on integral mission. These are normally held at a national level.


This is a formal gathering of members and interested non-members to meet around an agreed topic or theme. It involves an exchange of views, sharing of advice and learning, consideration of best practice, deliberation over issues of concern, encouragement / promotion of agreed practice. Micah Network convenes consultations at global, regional and national levels


This is an educational and capacity enhancing event where members learn, exchange information and problem solve so as to continual improve and strengthen impact. Micah Global may facilitate workshops where members have expressed a need and will signpost to workshops being held by members or partners.


This is a formal gathering of experts, practitioners and advisors that consider outputs or previous work so as to gain insight and learning to inform current and future work. Micah may carry out reviews of resources, outputs, case studies, thematic or cross cutting issues, responses and or declarations.

How does Micah finance and manage events?

Micah’s events are hosted by member organisations in the country where the event will be held. The programme schedule is developed by a selected small group of members who have knowledge and experience in the theme. Over guidance and management is under Micah Network Staff and Regional Coordination Groups. Participant’s fees financially cover events – the budget is developed on a cost recovery basis only. Every effort is made to keep costs low and feasible for all members. Consultations generally incorporate:

  • Daily worship and devotions
  • Plenary sessions to identity and explain key principles
  • Case study presentations, with an emphasis on practical application
  • Working groups on identified cross cutting and thematic areas
  • Networking and fellowship opportunities.
  • Information exchange

Upcoming Events

Integral Mission and the Common Good

Monday to Friday, 07/11/16 - 11/11/16, Thailand

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Integral Mission and Tribalism

Thursday to Friday, 22/09/16 - 23/09/16, Kenya

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Integral Mission in Violent Places

Monday to Friday, 05/09/16 - 09/09/16, Honduras

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Integral Mission Conversation

Tuesday to Wednesday, 23/08/16 - 24/08/16, Liberia

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International School of Reconciliation

Tuesday to Friday, 09/08/16 - 26/08/16, Kigali, Rwanda

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Cameroon: Integral Mission Conversation

Thursday to Saturday, 07/07/16 - 09/07/16, Yaoundé

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Stott-Bediako Forum

Monday to Tuesday, 09:00 - 17:00 daily, 13/06/16 - 14/06/16, Oxford, United Kingdom

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Christian Community Development Conference

Monday to Friday, 30/05/16 - 03/06/16, Schoenblick, Germany

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