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Revision of Proposal & Reporting Formats

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Status: Complete

The Proposal and Reporting Formats are now Finalised.

As you will have probably heard at the 5th Global Consultation, some MN members have been working on up-dating the MN proposal and report templates.

This process of revision and trial is now complete. You can access the finalised templates by clicking here.

The templates have not changed radically from the previous versions, but have been refreshed to respond to feedback from partners over the last few years and to keep up with changing ideas about good practice.

The most significant change is probably the introduction of an alternative to the Logical Framework. Supporting Partners and Implementing Partners who would prefer to use a different method of summarising the changes they are seeking, can use an alternative section. Don't panic, the Logframe hasn't been removed. A donor could stipulate that the Logframe should be used if that is what they prefer.

Download and use new formats

Descargar y utilizar las nuevas plantillas

Télécharger et utiliser de nouveaux modèles


The first Micah Network Proposal Formats and Guidelines were jointly developed by a group of organisations from within our membership. The 18-month process culminated in the production of a number of resources:

  • Emergency Response Proposal Format
  • Emergency Response Proposal Guidelines
  • Proposal Format Template
  • Simplified Proposal Format Template
  • Proposal Guidelines
  • Report Format
  • Report Guidelines

These resources were launched in October 2006.

Members have greatly benefitted from the shared usage of these documents and they have become one of the most widely used resources available for members on the website.

However, over the 5 years of usage we have also learnt that we can improve these formats and guidelines, adjust them so as to meet a broader need both of the funding organisations and the partners using them.

The revised second edition formats have been developed are will be under a trial period as implementing and supporting partners use them and feedback on an issues arising. Once all feedback has been collated and acted on the final version will be published alongside supporting guidelines.Thereafter we will be in a position to revise the reporting formats.

Terms of Reference for Revision and Addition of Formats and Guidelines

Requests and suggestions have been raised over the last few months as to how we should be updating the formats and guidelines. These include:

  • Revision to cover needs from back donors, often institutional (e.g. ECHO, OFDA, DfID, SIDA)
  • Inclusion of transformational indicators so as to promote and prompt holistic planning, implementation and impact.
  • Inclusion of cross cutting concerns such as disability, child protection, environmental concerns, etc.
  • Budget format template and guidelines
  • Needs assessment guidelines and formats
  • Ensure burden on partners is not increased but simplified as far as possible
  • Ensure funding organisations (such as Integral Alliance members) fully commit to using Micah Network formats and guidelines so as to reduce multiple formats burdens on recipient partners.

Phased Approach

1. Invite interest and participation through August Newsletter notification

2. Collate responses and form task group to take forward initiative

3. Develop detailed survey for feedback about the templates from interested organisations around the world (survey responses were too few)

4. Use Forum and Wiki on Micah Network website as a means to get wide input to limited questions on the templates.

5. Use feedback to re design templates and invite feedback using Micah Network website

6.  Final release date for trial: September 2012 – at Global Consultation.

7. Trial period will run for 6 months.

Current Task Group who have volunteered as of February 2012:

  • Phil Lindsay – Development Effectiveness Officer, Tear Australia
  • Jannine Ebenso – Global Disability Advisor, The Leprosy Mission
  • Gladstone Worthington – Head of Finance, The Leprosy Mission
  • Clare Crawford – Partner Funding Manager, Tearfund UK
  • William Chua – Individual, Singapore
  • Jan Eyre – Integral Alliance
  • Andreas Jenny - Consultant, Germany


Jennifer Vaccari

Network Coordinator

Micah Network

24th September, 2014