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1. Integral Mission and the Community

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1. A Journey from Dependency to Entrepenuership_A cast Study MMP

2. Christians as Change Agents_Reuben Byomuhangi

3. Connecting my Church with Community_Ida Maastro-Mutoigo

4. Does Integral Mission Include everything God Requires of us_Daniel Hillion

5. God's Community Andy Matheson

6. Gods Kingdom and Transformation_Dion Forster

7. Let Your Light Shine_Dave Andrews

8. Mission from Go to Come_Paul Bendor-Samuel

9. Poverty, Economics and Mission_Dion Forster

10. Shalom Communities_Raineer Chu

11. Church Community Mobilisation: Experiences in Nigeria_Danladi Musa

12. Integral Mission_Re founding our Calling_Christopher Fung

13. Working with Local Churches in Informal Settlements in Nairobi_Nancy Njagi

14. SIL: Language and Development