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Why Become a Member?
Micah forms a network because of an identified need to explore the theology and practice of integral mission so as to increase our members efficient and effectiveness in their respective and corporate ministries.
We believe that all we do and say is informed by God’s Mission. Our mission and ministries flow from this. Mission impact should be transformative, enabling communities to flourish. To ensure we stay on the cutting edge we need to constantly rethink mission. Networking enables us to do this drawing on the gifts and a global experience.

Distinctives of Micah


Micah has members from all around the world with a majority of our members coming from the Global South.


Micah integrates theology and practice in all other gatherings and consultations


Micah members are drawn from aid and mission organisations, local churches, training institutions (seminaries, colleges), other networks and alliances, as well as individuals. This exciting diverse group is united in our shared vision.


Micah members come from traditional mainline denominations and independent denominations (we sometime say from the bells and smells to the happy clappies). Unity in diversity through a shared purpose.


Micah members may be small national organisations of 2 to 3 staff or large international organisations with 1,000s of staff; they may hold titles of doctor, professor, reverend or bishops; they may be old or young, male or female – yet around the networking table we remove these labels and sit as equals


Micah Global operates in a number of languages and is always trying to add more. Our national Micah Expressions will operate in local languages.

Integral Discipleship:

Micah seeks to witness to Christ through all we say and do. We encourage all to lead by example and we seek to enable one another to grow through our sharing of learning, good practices and enabling all to take part where possible.

Committed Partnership:

Micah members seek to know one another and where possible work together for the common good of our communities.

Integral Mission:

Everything that Micah explores and acts on is done through an integral mission lens. Our being in Christ informs all we do and say and we long to see signs of transformation in and through our ministry

Micah seeks to support members through:

1)    Information Provision through our regular newsletters, prayer focus, journal, bulletins, web site and social media to share:

·      Good practices
·      Thematic development
·      Social justice issues
·      Membership skills and coverage
·      Opportunities for ongoing learning

2)    Provision of platforms for:
·      Networking
·      Sharing
·      Learning
·      Fellowship
·      Growth

3)    Building capacity of members to make a Biblically shaped response ensuring practice is:
·      A powerful testimony to:

  • One another (celebration of transformation)
  • Our world (demonstration / witness of God’s grace and love)

4)    Provision and linking of training opportunities so as to:
·      Ongoing discipleship
·      Developing of members to full potential
Creating and learning environment together

5)    Increasing impactthrough:
·      Ensuring an inclusive and relevant response to:

  • People who are poor, oppressed and marginalised
  • People who do not know Jesus as Lord and Saviour, irrespective of religion, class, caste, gender, age, disability, ethnicity, nationality, politics or status

6)    Developing resourcesthat give a qualitative, theological and accountable standard of good practice through:
·      Research, reflection, debate, dialogue and consultancy on issues identified
·      Publishing resources
·      Development or signposting to good practice:

  • Principles
  • Standards
  • Policies
  • Guidelines
  • Formats
  • Case studies

7) Intercede for and link one another to explore synergies and partnerships.

Members seek to support Micah through:

1)    Provision of an annual membership contribution. This enables Micah to carry out the membership support services

2)    Appointing a member focal person who will actively engage with Micah and ensure their organisations keeps informed and engaged.

3)    Engage in communities of practiceto share and learn together.

4)    Promote Micah and Integral Mission through their own contacts and opportunities.

5)    Become advocatefor transformation

6)    Live authentic and integral livesin and through their ministries and personal lives

7) Seek intentional synergies and partnerships within the network

1)    Read the Micah Vision, Mission, Values and Statement of Beliefs.

2)    Download the Micah Membership Application Form

3)    Fill in all the relevant information after deciding whether you are applying for Full, Associate or Individual Membership.

4)    Application signature must be from the head of your organisation (if applying as an organisation)

5)    Send your organisational latest annual report, vision and mission statements along with your completed application form to

6)    Await for your confirmation of membership letter before sending through your pledged annual membership contribution.

7)    Members should send their logo and areas of ministry to Micah for inclusion on our web site.

8)    Link into the Micah activities!

Members commit to give an annual membership contribution to Micah which enables Micah to administer the networking activities for all. No set membership fee is charged, rather Micah invites members to prayerfully consider what they are able to contribute annually to Micah. Usually this is linked to a percentage of unrestricted funds available. Members have asked for a guideline on an amount to contribute. See here for our latest Annual Membership Contribution Guide

Download documents: