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Integral Mission

25 Jul 2011

'More and Better Food' - Called to Care No.9

Strategies of Hope have published a new book in… read

03 Mar 2011

A reflection on Integral Mission in the Zambian context

What does Integral Mission look like in the… read

28 Jul 2011

Africa Regional Workshop on Advocacy and Integral Mission 2004 - Papers

106 participants from 22 countries joined in the… read

22 Jul 2011

Alicia Winter - Integral Mission: Progress, Set-backs and Challenges

Here are three transcripts from Alicia… read

17 Mar 2011

Barriers to the Embrace of Integral Mission by Tim Chester

For those trying to work with the church, Tim… read

31 Mar 2011

Biblical Basis for Social Ethics by René Padilla

A small group session led by René Padilla at the… read

17 Mar 2011

Bridging the Gap: Integral Mission and the Poor by Tim Costello

A document from the 2001 Micah Network… read

17 Mar 2011

Campaigning for Macro Policy Change: Jubilee 2000 by Ann Pettifor

A document from the 2001 Micah Network… read

26 Mar 2011

Capacity Building, Disaster Management and Integral Mission

A paper from the 2007 South Asia, Micah Network… read

03 Mar 2011

Case Study: HIV & AIDs Project, Nigeria

Aid for AIDS and Design for the Family This paper… read