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Integral Mission

15 Mar 2011

Globalisation of Conflict: A Case Study - by Vinoth Ramachandra

A transcript of a talk by Vinoth Ramachandra at… read

04 Aug 2011

HIV & AIDs and Integral Mission

Over 90 people from 30 countries came to Chiang… read

03 Mar 2011

HIV & AIDs Case Study from World Concern, Thailand

Case study from World Concern Thailand This case… read

17 Mar 2011

Integral Mission & Advocacy by Gary A Haugen

A document from the 2001 Micah Network… read

03 Mar 2011

Integral Mission & HIV & AIDs, Rwanda

Micah Network staff report on a visit to HIV… read

17 Mar 2011

Integral Mission & its Historical Development by René Padilla

A transcript from the 2001 Micah Network… read

15 Mar 2011

Integral Mission & Violent Conflict: Journeying Toward Shalom

A transcript of a plenary session by Deborah… read

07 Sep 2011

Integral Mission - Introduction

A brief introduction of integral mission by René… read

06 Aug 2012

Integral Mission and the Church

Statment from the Micah Network Consultation held… read

27 Jul 2011

Integral Mission and the Poor - Global Consultation

Here are some transcripts from the inaugural… read