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09 Mar 2011

Advocacy and HIV & AIDs

A powerpoint presentation by Pastor Martin… read

27 Jul 2011

Case Studies - 2006 Global Triennial Consultation

Integral Mission in a World of Conflict Here you… read

15 Mar 2011

Church and Community - by David Coffey

A transcript of a talk by David… read

09 Mar 2011

Deepening Christian engagement with marginal communities

A transcript of a message delivered by Dr. Nalini… read

15 Mar 2011

For God's Sake! - Religious Violence, Terrorism, and The Peace of Christ

A transcript of a talk by Dr Chris Marshall,… read

15 Mar 2011

Globalisation of Conflict: A Case Study - by Vinoth Ramachandra

A transcript of a talk by Vinoth Ramachandra at… read

24 Mar 2011

HIV & AIDs Care and Support Programmes

David Kabiswa of AIDS Care Education and… read

09 Mar 2011

If Men Were Women: Christian Reflections on Gender in the HIV and AIDS Crisis

A transcript talk of Dr. Donald E. Messer (United… read

15 Mar 2011

Integral Mission & Violent Conflict: Journeying Toward Shalom

A transcript of a plenary session by Deborah… read

24 Mar 2011

Micah Network - Towards a Christ-centered Theology of HIV AIDS

This document was first drafted following the… read