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Changemaker Portraits

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The Change Maker Portraits are the heart of the initiative “Step by Step towards Sustainable Organisation”. With this we can network, stimulate discussions and highlight engagement. Get involved!

Let yourself be inspired by the Changemaker portraits

The English database and the German database show the abundance of big and small steps of sustainable engagement. Some things may appear mundane or surprising. Others exactly how you would expect. Everything is important in order to illustrate integrated engagement. Relevance varies depending on the situation.

Let yourself be inspired:

» Look through the databases for your topics: English database; German database

» Download single portraits as PDFs. Found under “Links”.

» Export desired files as Excel documents.

Email us with your questions and comments!


Something is still missing…your contribution!

Every database is valuable because of its content. Because of this, we also need your contributions. Please help us!

There are three steps:

» Download your registration template here

» Fill in your Change Maker Portrait as well as you can.

» Send your form and any required attachments to


Micah global (that is StopArmut) will do the rest.

» Edit Change Maker Portrait, if needed.

» Consultation if changes are needed.

» Upload Change Maker Portrait online.