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Christian Community Development Conference

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Monday to Friday
30/05/16 - 03/06/16
Schoenblick, Germany


This is the Micah European Regional Consultation for 2016.

The dates for the Christian Community Development Conference are:

Mon 30th May – Fri 3rd of June 2016

Location: Christian Conference Centre Schoenblick, Schwaebisch-Gmuend, Germany (near Stuttgart)

Theme: Doing Church God's Way? Rethinking Faith and Development   

The 2016 CCD Conference Registration is now open, with challenging topics to prompt reflection and opportunities to network and learn together.

The Christian community is the visible earthly expression of the Kingdom of God. They are a called out community to bear witness to the character and values of the Kingdom of God, the King being Jesus Christ. What does this look like through the lens of a practitioner? Do we need a Kingdom perspective for community transformation and how does this impact how we understand the role and purpose of the church? We need a dynamic street theology that addresses every day grass root needs and issues of concern and helps us work together for the common good of all.

A draft version of the conference programme is available here. Note that it is subject to change.

The Conference will be presented in English and German.

More information: