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The Micah Network Advocacy Forum was established in July 2006 and has approximately 40 members who are practitioners.
Terms of Reference

1. Name: Micah Network Advocacy Forum

  • 'Advocacy' because it leaves open the option for participating organisations to be represented by a 'policy' or 'campaigns' person
  • Understood that agencies usually to be represented by an advocacy 'director' but 'directors' not in name so as to give agencies flexibility to appoint appropriate person
  • 'Forum' to indicate exchange of ideas and not 'network' so as to differentiate easily from Micah 'Network'
  • Acronym: 'M-NAF' will keep us from taking ourselves too seriously!

2. Purposes

  • to develop Christian/biblical policy perspectives/distinctives/agendas on poverty, justice and development issues
  • to develop a south-north advocacy discussion among Christian advocacy directors
  • to support and make most effective use of Christian representatives in international advocacy processes (e.g. Erika Izquierdo in the International Facilitation Team of the Global Call to Action Against Poverty)
  • to share information and resources and provide advice to each other
  • occasionally to coordinate approaches to particular processes, meetings etc (e.g. the G8; the World Bank/IMF cycle)
  • occasionally to contribute to a common 'policy briefing' project (e.g. top-line international briefing for Micah Sunday)
  • to be a pool of expertise for Micah Network to draw on in preparing advocacy workshops

3. Scope

Perhaps three types of discussion:

  • Broad issues and campaigns – poverty, inequality, the MDGs, Micah Challenge, GCAP
  • Sectoral issues and campaigns – HIV/AIDs, climate change, water and sanitation; just governance …
  • Approaches and programs to develop advocacy capacity at all levels

4. Modes of discussion

  • Face to face: at Micah Network Tri-ennial Consultations and regional workshops
  • Email: the main mode, perhaps incorporating listserver and email discussion techniques
  • Teleconference/Skype etc: secondary mode for sub-group project work

To enquire about joining the Micah Network Advocacy Forum, please email the facilitator Tom Baker.

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