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Global Consultation

15 Mar 2011

A Call from Queretero

A prophetic call to justice drafted by delegates… más

30 Mar 2011

A Triage Model of Emergency Aid for a Warming World

From a small group session led by Russell McKane… más

09 Mar 2011

Advocacy and HIV & AIDs

A powerpoint presentation by Pastor Martin… más

31 Mar 2011

Biblical Basis for Social Ethics by René Padilla

A small group session led by René Padilla at the… más

27 Jul 2011

Case Studies - 2006 Global Triennial Consultation

Integral Mission in a World of Conflict Here you… más

15 Mar 2011

Church and Community - by David Coffey

A transcript of a talk by David… más

31 Mar 2011

Climate Change Theology by James Pender

James Pender delivered a small group session on… más

17 Mar 2011

Creation & Community by Zac Nringiye

A transcript of a plenary session at the 2009… más

09 Mar 2011

Deepening Christian engagement with marginal communities

A transcript of a message delivered by Dr. Nalini… más

31 Mar 2011

Disaster Reconstruction - Alvin Mbola

Alvin Mbola presents research findings on… más