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15 Mar 2011

A Call from Queretero

A prophetic call to justice drafted by delegates… más

15 Mar 2011

Globalisation - Towards a Theological Perspective and Critique

A transcripted talk by Vinoth Ramachandra,… más

15 Mar 2011

Globalisation and Culture

A transcript of a message by Melba Padilla Maggay… más

15 Mar 2011

Globalisation and the Information Revolution

Reflections on Information and Communication… más

15 Mar 2011

Globalisation, that is to say, when poverty is always with us

A transcripted talk by Lilia Solano, Fraternidad… más

16 Mar 2011

Liberating the Rich Church

A summary of a workshop held by Steve Bradbury,… más

15 Mar 2011

Queretero Declaration

An output of the 2003 Triennial Global… más

15 Mar 2011

The impact of Globalisation on the poor

A transcripted message from C. René… más

16 Mar 2011

The Prophetic Call - Jim Wallis

A trancript of a message by Jim Wallis,… más