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Integral Mission

17 Mar 2011

Integral Mission, Humility and Lifestyle

A document from the 2001 Micah Network… más

06 Aug 2012

Jesus' Galilean Option

Address given by C. Rene Padilla at the Review of… más

01 Jul 2011

Just Faith

Just Faith has been designed by TEAR Australia… más

17 Mar 2011

Key Influences on Local Churches by Tim Chester

Tim Chester has written a helpful paper for those… más

03 Aug 2011

Micah Network Asia Regional Consultation 2005 (1)

175 participants from 18 countries participated… más

28 Mar 2011

Micah Network Declaration on Integral Mission

The Micah Network Declaration on Integral… más

29 Mar 2011

Micah Network Partnership Guidelines

A reading of the Micah Network Partnership… más

17 Mar 2011

Networking for Integral Mission by Robert Guerrero

Robert Guerrero from Del Camino Network in Latin… más

27 Jul 2011

Patrick Hubbard's Blog… más

15 Mar 2011

Peace and Reconciliation by Bishop Alexis Bilindabagabo

A transcript of a message from Rt. Rev.… más