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Disaster Management Forum

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A number of Micah Network members have expressed a need to build local capacity to deal with disasters. In response, Micah Network is committed to building Disaster Management capacity of local actors, including Christian communities as well as to establish mechanisms to coordinate resources and advocacy initiatives. A disaster management forum has been established for disaster management practitioners to share knowledge, information and resources on disaster management.


The Micah Network members are committed to Integral Mission including working alongside local communities and churches[1]. It is proposed the Micah Network will support the Disaster Management (DM) capacity of local actors, including local communities and churches.  The objectives are to 

  1. Build the capacity of local communities and churches to assist vulnerable people to prevent, prepare for and respond to the impact of disasters.
  2. Support Micah Network member agencies in each country towards a coordinated high quality disaster-management capability.
  3. Facilitate effective mechanisms for Micah Network members to respond multi-laterally to requests for assistance in cases of major disaster.
  4. Establish an effective Micah Network forum of members engaged in DM advocacy; and ensuring listening and learning.

In order to support the outworking of these objectives it is proposed to establish a Micah Network Disaster Management Forum[2] to create a space for practitioners from the Global South and the Global North to discuss their work on DRR and disaster response.


  • To share information, learning, strategies and resources (e.g. technical support publications, theological reflections, case studies, good practices, policy & briefing papers and training materials) on climate change, DRR, conflict, disaster response
  • To develop relationships between practitioners and to provide advice and experience to each other
  • To share news and upcoming events (e.g. news and collaboration opportunities from other networks, coalitions, training courses, etc.)
  • To develop links with other global DM networks, notably the Global platform of NGOs for Disaster Risk Reduction
  • To create a platform for sharing and exploring opportunities with public, private, research and academic institutions on DM issues.
  • To collaborate on issues for regional and international advocacy, e.g. links between the Hyogo Framework and the MDGs, use of climate adaptation funds for DRR
  • To develop good practice guidelines and other resources where needed

Modes of Communication

  • Email, the main mode, incorporating list server, email discussion techniques and web archive of postings (Google-groups)
  • Face to face: At Micah Network Consultations and strategic consultations on key issues
  • Website: key resources to be accessible on Micah Network website
  • Teleconference/skype etc: secondary mode for sub-group project work

Methodology of Google-group

  • Members of the forum will be able to choose whether to receive emails that are sent in to the forum via their work/personal email, or whether they will only access these emails when they log into the forum.
  • Members will be able to send emails to each other if they wish to discuss an issue between themselves.
  • Members will be able to upload relevant publications and documents. These will be arranged under categories to make them easily accessible.
  • The Forum will contain a Google map on which members can indicate where they are working and include a picture of themselves with a small summary about them to help members feel more in touch.
  • In the longer term the forum will be divided into separate sections such as health or refugees so that people can choose to only receive emails from a specific section rather than the entire forum.
  • The forum will be facilitated by Tearfund UK.

[1] In the text, ‘church’ include local congregations, established Churches and Christian communities.

'Forum' to indicate exchange of ideas and not 'network' so as to differentiate easily from Micah 'Network'

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