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Community Transformation: Hopes and Challenges

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Monday to Friday
19/05/14 - 23/05/14
Stuttgart, Germany, Christian Conference Centre, Schönblick


Theme: Community Transformation: Hopes and Challenges

In every context, in every community there is a multiplicity of human needs which challenge the churches' abilities and resources.

How to inspire, mobilise and equip the community of faith in a community of service? The challenge of individualism and division, of competition and pride fracture a united action. How do we gain solidarity in community transformation?


  • Developing a mature disciple of Christ (integral Discipleship), rooted in the Word and engaged in the Community
  • A local church passionate about their community and envisioned about what a healthy community looks like, they strive together to achieve this goal of transformation.
  • Recognition that the growth of the community into fullness of life can only be achieved through an integral and cooperative action of all.


  • Individualism / Community: how to recognise both and strive towards a greater passion, compassion and commitment for community wellbeing.
  • Drawing on all the gifts and skills of the community: releasing of gifts.
  • Addressing issues of dysfunctional churches. Working where there as yet no church.
  • Facing injustice, marginalisation, inequity, corruption, crime, poverty, brokenness, disasters / instability, globalisation
  • Leadership styles which dominate others or manipulate.
  • Lack of obedience.


Download the full prpgramme and for a description of sessions and tracks see here.


We have an amazing number of inspirng and gifted speakers throughout the conference. To read more about each speaker - read their bios here.

Conference Partnership:

The CCD (Christian Community Deveopment) Conference is faciliated through a partnership with German Association of Evangelical Missions, Micah Network and the European Evangelical MissionAssociation.

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