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Courage for Change: transforming church, transforming community

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Tuesday to Thursday
13/01/15 - 15/01/15
Lahore, Pakistan, Loyola Hall



An Integral Mission Conversation will be held in Lahore, Pakistan from Tuesday January 13th - Thursday January 15th, 2015.

The theme for this event will be: Courage for Change: transforming church, transforming community.

Venue: Loyola Hall, Waris Road, Lahore

Registration fee: 3,000PKR


Bringing together leaders, thinkers and practitioners from around Pakistan, this event will provide an opportunity to dialogue, learn and fellowship as we explore how an integral response to the Gospel can bring about change to our churches and our communities.

Topics to be covered will include:

  • Integral Mission and the Local Church
  • Faith and Culture
  • Christians in the Public Sphere
  • Advocacy and Change
  • Honour and Shame
  • Integral Mission and Shalom

Speakers: Arley Loewen (CA), Michael Abel, Ashraf Mall, Aaamir Shahzad, Dave Andrews (Aus), Dr. Kang San Tan, Sheryl Haw (UK).

The program is available here and the flyer here.

Please extend the invitation to your colleagues and networks.

The registration fee (3,000PKR) includes all meals and accommodation at the venue if needed. There will be an opportunity to make an extra contribution during the course of the conversation to help in covering the costs of the event.

To register, please complete the attached registration form and send by email or phone Emmanuel Abbott on 0311-5817634.

Registrations close December 15th.