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Journeying Into Undefended Leadership

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Sunday to Tuesday
22/03/09 - 24/03/09
Micah Network Asia Leadership Workshop
New Delhi, India



Micah Network Asia organised Journeying Into Undefended Leadership, a three day workshop for chief functionaries of Christian organisations in Asia. The workshop was facilitated by Rev Dr Simon Walker.

Simon Walker is an Anglican clergyman. He teaches a programme of leadership formation for future church leaders at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford. He is the founder and a director of The Leadership Community, a growing international group of social leaders. He also runs his own company, Human Ecology, a consultancy in people development. Through his company, Simon runs courses for both secular and spiritual leaders to help to develop moral leadership, a subject which he is passionate about.

His published works include The Undefended Leader, Subversive Leadership and numerous articles and papers in theology, HR, therapy and coaching.

Thematic Outline:

Day 1 / March 22, 2009:

  • Power in Leadership
  • Front and Back Stage - The Self You See, The Self I Hide
  • Letting God in More Deeply

Day 2 / March 23, 2009:

  • Who am I Deep Down? Understanding My Needs
  • God's Invitation to Live an Undefended Life
  • The Four Stages of Undefended Life

Day 3 / March 24, 2009:

  • Strategies of Leadership - How God Uses Power
  • Discovering My own Leadership Signature
  • Society and Change: How We Can Make an Impact