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Micah Network Global Consultation: Creation Stewardship and Climate Change

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Monday to Saturday
13/07/09 - 18/07/09
Limuru, Kenya


Changing weather patterns, rising sea levels, and an increase in the quantity and intensity of natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods and diseases such as malaria have the greatest impact on the poorest people in our world. Responsible stewardship of God's creation requires us to tackle the causes of change in the climate, minimise the harm associated with these changes and call for climate justice for the poor.

Micah Network joined with church and NGO leaders from around the world to:

  • strengthen capacity of participants and participating agencies to respond effectively to climate change (including in development praxis, lifestyle change and advocacy)
  • promote a deeper understanding of integral mission & sound theology on environmental sustainability and justice
  • enhance and further develop advocacy efforts of the Christian community on climate change
  • nurture Christian workers
  • offer space for prayerful reflection and mutual encouragement
  • provide opportunities for indepth exposure to key topics through case studies and workshops
  • explore good practices and lessons learnt
  • deepen engagement with Micah Network members