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Strategic Conversation on Gender

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Thursday to Saturday
09/07/09 - 11/07/09
Limuru, Kenya


The 2009 Annual Plan of the Micah Network includes ongoing network-wide discussions about gender and the development of a Micah Network gender policy by April 2010.   As part of this plan, a ‘Strategic Conversation on Gender’ took place in Limuru, Kenya, from July 9 to 11, 2009.  This strategic conversation included 10 men and women from Australia, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Netherlands, Peru, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom.


The purpose of the strategic conversation was:

  • To reflect together on theological principles relating to gender;
  • To consider the key issues relating to gender which impact on our work as Christian relief and development NGOs and churches;
  • To develop practical steps to improve our approach to gender in our organisations and our work; and
  • To develop draft Gender Resources for the Micah Network, including: Principles, Theological foundations, and Good Practice Guidelines.


The strategic conversation:

  • Proposed an additional statement of belief related to gender, which specifically expresses a vision of the transformation of our cultures, values, and organisations, as well as the moral, economic, intellectual and political dimensions of our lives;
  • Examined four key issues relating to gender, which relate to our use of the Scriptures - the question of ‘Equality and scripture’, the use of Scripture for testing the will of God in the ‘Renewing of our minds’, and ‘Gender and the consequences of the fall’;
  • Outlined a strategy for expanding and sustaining the ‘gender-aware’ readings of Micah Network statements and guidelines, utilizing the existing structures of the Micah Network.