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HIV / AIDS Forum

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The Micah Network HIV and AIDS Forum was established in January 2007.

1. Name: Micah Network HIV and AIDS Forum

  • 'Forum' to indicate exchange of ideas and not 'network' so as to differentiate easily from Micah 'Network'

2. Purposes

  • to share information, learnings, strategies and resources (eg technical support publications, theological reflections, case studies, good practices, policy and briefing papers and training materials) to better equip one another to respond to HIV and AIDS
  • to provide a space for fellowship and prayer for our work in the fight against HIV and AIDS and our walk with those infected and affected
  • to provide a space for development and dissemination of theological reflection on HIV and AIDS in different cultural settings
  • to develop good practice guidelines and other resources where needed
  • to act as a resource for the wider Micah Network member base (eg capacity building, speaking into the church and advocacy)
  • to explore the possibility of a Micah Network satellite consultation at the next international AIDS conference in Mexico, 2008

3. Scope: Perhaps six types of discussion/ information exchange

  • Sharing learnings and good practices (case studies, guidelines etc)
  • Prayer Diary
  • Theology
  • News updates (eg news and collaboration opportunities from other networks, coalitions, UNAIDS etc)
  • Event updates (Micah, ICAP, IAS, etc.)
  • IEC Resources (print, film and music, poems, drama scripts, arts & crafts) 

Other specific working groups may emerge (eg to develop resources where a need is identified).

4. Modes of discussion

  • Face to face: at Micah Network Consultations (eg October 2007, A Christian Response to the Marginalised, Malaysia) and strategic consultations on key issues
  • Email: the main mode, incorporating listserver, email discussion techniques and web archive of postings (Dgroups)
  • Website: key resources to be accessible on Micah Network website
  • Teleconference/Skype etc: secondary mode for sub-group project work

To enquire about joining the Micah Network HIV and AIDS Forum, please email Greg Manning.

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