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26 Mar 2011

Capacity Building, Disaster Management and Integral Mission

A paper from the 2007 South Asia, Micah Network… más

24 Mar 2011

Care and Prevention Study Process (WCC)

This extract from World Council of Churches'… más

27 Jul 2011

Case Studies - 2006 Global Triennial Consultation

Integral Mission in a World of Conflict Here you… más

29 Jul 2011

Case Studies - 2008 West Africa Consultation

Nigeria, August 18-22 2008 What is good… más

03 Mar 2011

Case Studies: Local churches and integral mission

A collection of short and inspiring case studies… más

03 Mar 2011

Case Study: Care and Rehabilitation of people with HIV & AIDs

Inter-Mission Prevention of AIDS through Care and… más

05 Mar 2011

Case Study: Corruption and Financial Probity

A governance case study surrounding corruption… más

05 Mar 2011

Case Study: Governance & Transparency & Participation

A governance case study accompanied by discussion… más

05 Mar 2011

Case Study: Governance and Accountability

A short case study on accountability and… más

04 Mar 2011

Case Study: HIV & AIDs Prevention

Prevention: the successes and the challenges - Dr… más