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Micah National Expressions

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A Micah National Expression is formed when 3 or more Micah Global members agree to work together in pursuing the vision and mission of Micah Global in their national context. The activities of Micah National Expressions are usually planned and guided by a National Coordination Group / Committee in cooperation with the Micah Global Secretariat.

List of Micah National Expressions

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Micah National Expressions ToolKit

Micah Partnership Covenant - this is the standard formal agreement held between Micah Global and Micah National Expression

Role Description for Micah National Coordination Group / Committee

Role Description for Micah National Coordinator

National Integral Mission Conversations

At the heart of Micah are our annual national Conversations where we invite members and interested non-members to gather for 1-3 days to network and learn together, as well as to launch needed campaigns and advocacy initiatives. We encourage every country where there are members to consider helping to host and facilitate these important Conversations.

Although national conversations will focus on their own contexts, because Micah is a global network and movement, all meetings are open to all members. We encourage participation across borders!

Details of upcoming national integral mission Conversations are available on the Micah Events page.