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Micah Call to Action 2014

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15 December 2014

During the recent Micah Summit in New York, we joined together as brothers and sisters from around the world and pronounced a renewed Micah Call to Action, in anticipation of our ongoing work in 2015 and beyond.

This Call is transcribed below.


Building on the 2004 Micah Call to Action, conscious of the enormous global and local challenges facing us right now and in the coming years, we declare together:

We commit ourselves, as followers of Jesus, to work together to pursue justice, to love unconditionally and to walk humbly with God.

We call on all leaders (local, national or international) to renew, continue and step up their efforts:

  • To eradicate poverty
  • To stand against injustice, inequality and inequity and lead through example
  • To embed policy that enables the well-being and safety of all under their care
  • To confront corruption in all its forms and ensure resources are committed to the essential needs of people
  • To protect and care for our environment and ensure a healthy planet is handed on to the next generation.

We call on local churches expressed in community around the world:

  • To the centrality of Jesus Christ and to follow his example
  • To be agents of transformation, envisioning and enabling one another to live justice, to demonstrate love in action, to be peacemakers
  • To be agents of stewardship, whose lifestyles lead by example in simplicity, generosity, equality and equity, ensuring we care for our creation
  • To be agents of reconciliation, creating the space to heal divisions and conflicts and enabling communities to live at peace with one another, with respect and dignity for all
  • To seek the welfare of cities, acting together to be salt and light.

We acknowledge our role as followers of Christ to be a people called out to take responsibility.

We stand together to commit to renew our efforts and play our part in holding leaders to account, in working towards a society where we can all live life in all its fullness.

We declare we will not rest until we have a world full of justice, mercy and love.

May the Lord strengthen us to live out this resolve, may he fill us with his Spirit that we may be a blessing to the nations, agents of transformation, proclaimers of the Good News of the Kingdom of God.