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Rogelio Prieto-Duran

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Rogelio Prieto-Duran

Rev Canon Rogelio lived the first 25 years of my life under a dictatorship. One of my friends was killed by a death squad linked to the police. I got in trouble because of my involvement with the illegal trade union movement.

My Evangelical church at the time was only concerned with personal peace with God and submission to the authorities: a kind of tranquillising pocket god. It made me realise that Jesus really is Lord of all and wants real peace with real justice and freedom for all. Over 35 years of ministry (church planting, pastoring, training church leaders and missionaries, ecumenism, etc.) that vision of Shalom has been a solid foundation.

The last ten years they have been in England collaborating with several mission agencies and since 2008 serving as ECM International Training Coordinator.