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Papers, Submissions and Pre-Reading

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We are grateful for the received responses to our Call for Submissions on the Consultation theme of Integral Mission and Shalom: justice, peace and joy.

Submissions have been received from a diverse group of members and friends of Micah - across multiple languages, sectors and geographic regions. As the finalised versions of these submissions become available and where possible, translated, they will be posted on this page for all participants and others to be able to access the great wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience which is being submitted.

Submissions were welcomed from participants and non-participants alike. If you are unable to be with us in Lima in September, we strongly encourage you to still consider making a submission and adding your voice to this unique collation of materials.

Questions regarding this process should be sent to

What will happen to my submission?

Selected submissions will be presented at designated times throughout the Global Consultation week. An editing team will work to collate a selection of the submissions to be published as a book and e-book. Artworks and posters will be displayed in our exhibition space throughout the week.

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Submissions in Spanish

You can read the finalised submissions according to the three categories by clicking through the links below.

There are three categories of submissions plus additional resources:

Papers / Articles

Communities of Practice Pilot Proposal for Disaster Risk Reduction
David Boan et al.

Confusing Asiku: how mission and development intervention in international languages works to bypass the minds of beneficiaries
Gary Cowman & Jim Harries

Dreaming of Shalom: Christians and Tourism
Stan L. Le Quire

God's Eternal Purpose and Integral Mission
Teresa J. Sanchez

Hospitality as a Quest for Shalom
Jonas Adelin Jørgensen & Andreas Østerlund Nielsen

Integral Mission in Bonhoeffer
Michael Phiri

Integral Mission and Shalom: Scriptural Analysis and Practical Application
André Jansen

Jesus and the Nonviolent Jihad for Love and Justice
Dave Andrews

Moving from Vision to Practice: Making Fullness of Life Practical
Mark Galpin
English version   Versão em português

Protect the Earth that God Loves
Björn Cedersjö

Shalom as Stewardship: Church-led Financial Education
John Mark Bowers

Shalom for widows – an exploratory study from South Africa
Deborah Hancox and Kerry Feldman

The Pursuit of Shalom in the Face of Violent Injustice 
Nikki Toyama-Szeto, Terry Tennens & Madison Johnston

The Role of the Church in a Post-conflict Period
William Enrique Donado García
original in Spanish

Unlocking the Potential of Family in Sub-Saharan Africa
Joanna Lee

Violence Against Women: In Churches Too
Mandy Marshall

Stories / Case Studies

Accompaniment in the Argentine Chaco
Frank Paul

Friends, Foes, Family
Diordre Moraes

How Loving Families Usher in Shalom for Orphans and Vulnerable Children
Bethany Global

La Situation Securitaire Actuelle dans la Region du Nord, Cameroun

Learning and Mentoring Partnership, Pittsburgh USA
Bryan McCabe

Paralelo Capítulo: ume fé do tamanho do Brasil

Streich y su bipolaridad
Wolfgang Streich

The Kaibigan Ministry: CCT, Philippines

Artworks / Posters

Campaign Resources and Additional Reading

A Call to Commitment & Partnership - World Evangelical Alliance

Changing International Trends in Disasters and the Role of Christian Agencies - Tearfund UK

Ending Extreme Poverty - A Moral Imperative

Holistic Worldview Analysis: A Strategy for Community Engagement and Empowerment - Lausanne Movement

Sustainable Organisations - StopArmut Switzerland

The Restorative Economy - Tearfund UK

Local Churches Transformed: Becoming the Change for Communities
Tearfund UK