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What is a Forum?

A forum is a platform for voicing ideas, sharing information, discussions and debates. It is:

  • An online community where members may read and post topics of common interest
  • A place for the discussion of thematic or cross cutting matters or current questions
  • An opportunity for open discussions
  • A gathering of prominent thinkers from different disciplines and different parts of the world to try and create stimulating discussion, informed by highly distinct academic expertise, artistic and cultural backgrounds
  • An opportunity to debate current topics
  • A public meeting or presentation involving a discussion usually among experts and often including audience participation

How long do forums run for?

Forums can be established for a variety of reasons and time frames:

  • Long-term cross cutting issue: (e.g. HIV & AIDs)
  • Functional fixed-term issue: (e.g. production of a set of guidelines)
  • Short-term issue: (e.g. fixed-time frame to debate a specified issue)
  • Advocacy based: (e.g. platform used to raise awareness)

Micah Network facilitates forums as a means to encourage networking, information sharing, learning and collaboration for members and interested individuals.

A forum is established when there is sufficient demand and interest expressed by members to Micah Network. A forum facilitator(s) are selected who volunteer to administer and manage to the forum.

Micah Network Forums

Note: Up until February 2011 Micah Network forums were hosted in DGroups or Yahoo Groups. They are now being hosted directly on the Micah Network web site so as to facilitate easier access to linked resources and information on the site.

  Structure of   Forums     

  1. Forum Introduction / Home Page: Brief Overview and Terms of Reference
  2. Discussions:
  3. Wiki Resources: where participants can share resources (guidelines. practices, tools, articles etc.)
  4. Forum Participants

Access and Participation

Micah Network members have access to all forums using their user name and password. They will need to register their intent to participate once in the forum

Non-members will be requested to apply for participation. The forum facilitator will be responsible for granting access and provision of the forum specific user name and password.