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Mainstreaming HIV and AIDS in Theological Education: Experiences and Explorations

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Edited by Ezra Chitando
EHAIA, 2008

The book is divided into two sections.

Section A has a historical focus. Chapters in this section seek to highlight achievements and challenges in theological institutions’ engagement with the HIV pandemic. The chapters spread out in a concentric ring.

Section B of the book illustrates the scope that remains for experimenting with the inclusion of HIV and AIDS in various courses in theology and religious studies.

This book... seeks to provide an indication of the progress that has been attained in the  quest to mainstream HIV and AIDS in theological education in Africa. It also offers further insights into how important areas that have been overlooked, such as African  Indigenous Religions, violence against women and children, as well as youth and  development, can reflect the reality of HIV and AIDS. In the immediate future, there will be the need to assess the responses of Catholic theological institutions to the HIV  pandemic. Other researchers must examine the progress attained in mainstreaming HIV and AIDS within particular countries and regions. Studies on African theology and  the HIV pandemic would clarify the scope and opportunities available in this specific  field. In addition, there is a need to explore the integration of important issues like  masculinities, disability, treatment literacy and others within theological reflections on the HIV pandemic. Consequently, one can safely conclude that there is unlimited scope for reflections on theological education/religious studies and HIV in Africa.