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Dr Melba Maggay

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Based in the Philippines: A writer and a social anthropologist, Melba Padilla Maggay holds a doctorate in Philippine Studies, a masteral degree in English Literature, and a first degree in Mass Communication.  A specialist in intercultural communication, she was Research Fellow on the subject at the University of Cambridge under the auspices of Tyndale House, applying it to the question of culture and theology.  She has lectured on this and other cross-cultural issues worldwide, including a stint as Northrup Visiting Professor at Hope College, Michigan and Visiting Lecturer at All Nations Christian College in England.  

Dr. Maggay uniquely combines academic expertise with a certain artistic flair and a leadership gift that brings people together for a common vision and enterprise.  As a writer, she shifts easily from technical to creative writing, having won top literary prizes from prestigious award-giving bodies in the Philippines. As founder and longtime director of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture, she had been cited for her outstanding leadership in organizing the evangelical Protestant presence at the EDSA barricades during the February People Power Uprising in 1986.

Dr. Maggay has also written numerous books and articles on social, cultural and theological issues, published here and globally.  Her book, Transforming Society, was first published in England and has been translated in Spanish, Arabic and Bahasa Indonesia. Pahiwatig, her ground-breaking book on Filipino communication patterns, is the first to explore a culture-specific communication theory. Her most recent, A Clash of Cultures, examines the cross-cultural tensions that surfaced between American Protestantism and Filipino religious consciousness the first three decades of American colonial rule in the country.   

She currently sits in the governing boards of a number of NGOs and church organizations including the Center for Community Transformation, the Knowledge Center for Religion and Development in The Netherlands and the International Council of InterServe. She continues to be part of the International Board of Reference of the Micah Network, an alliance of more than 600 faith-based development organizations worldwide. She was member of the Founding Board of the International Life and Peace Institute, a peace research organization based in Uppsala, Sweden ( 1985-1990 ), and of the International Christian Media Commission in the US and UK  ( 1989-1991 ). 

As a social anthropologist, Dr. Maggay is resource speaker and consultant on culture, social change and development issues.  A frequent speaker and participant-expert in international conferences, Dr. Maggay travels widely and has had cross-cultural experience in over 40 countries in all five continents.