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Education Training and Service for Community Nepal is a member of the Micah Network



Conversatorio en Bolivia sobre Misión Integral y Pueblos Indígenas

Saturday to Sunday, 2 días , 03/09/11 - 04/09/11, Santa Cruz - Bolivia.

Las comunidades indígenas en Bolivia andinas,… read

Disaster Management Consultation: Responding to the Famine Crisis

Friday to Saturday, Starts at 12:00, 16/09/11 - 17/09/11, Nairobi, Kenya

  Purpose: … read

Asia Mobilising for Integral Mission

Monday to Friday, Registration: Monday 17th October, 14:00 - 16:00, 17/10/11 - 21/10/11, Near Kulatara, Sri Lanka

It is 10 years since Micah Network was… read

Integral Mission Conversation & Reconciliation Workshop

Tuesday to Thursday, Starts at 08:30, 15/11/11 - 17/11/11, Lusaka, Zambia

Micah Network is faciliating an Integral Mission… read