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Integral Mission and the Community: local church, local change, global impact

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Monday to Friday
10/09/12 - 14/09/12
Thun, Switzerland, Burgsaal


The overarching theme: Integral Mission and the Community: local church, local change, global impact, was chosen with the intention looking at the heart and face of integral mission. We wanted to review and reflect on how we have practically applied the Micah Declaration on Integral Mission, published in September 2001. The challenge of asking if grass root impact was evident; repenting where we have neglected to act; affirming the mission; calling to action. 325 participants gathered from 58 countries to share, learn, reflect, discuss, challenge, consult, proclaim, network and fellowship with one another.

René Padilla, our President Emeritus, welcomed us by exploring them theme, writing:

“Integral Mission” has become widely accepted as an expression that points to what we may regard as the DNA of God’s mission committed to the Church of Jesus Christ—a mission that integrates the proclamation and the demonstration of the Gospel, word and deed, faith and works, justice and mercy.

Community”, pointing to the Church as the community of the King Jesus Christ, but also to humankind, created by God, fallen in sin but loved by God.

Local church” as pointing to the congregation of disciples of Jesus Christ who acknowledge him as the Lord of all creation and every aspect of life, and who are both called out of the world and sent into the world as citizens of the Kingdom of God in a specific place at a particular time.

Local change” as pointing to the transformation of values and lifestyles that the Spirit of God brings about on a personal and community levels through the local church beginning in its own neighborhood.

Global impact” as pointing to the impact that the gospel of Jesus Christ is expected to produce all over the world as a result of local churches working in partnership with one another.

By God’s design, the local church is the community of disciples of Jesus Christ called to embody the values and lifestyle of the Kingdom of God and thus to participate in God’s transforming mission in its own local place. To the extent to which local churches are faithful to that vocation they can aspire to produce a global impact. As we reflect on all we have shared at our 5th Global Consultation, let us pray that God will use the learning shared to encourage our Network and beyond to collaborate with God and to find practical ways to work in partnership with one another in order to win obedience from people across the world to do what the Lord requires of all humans: to do justice, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly before him.

Outline and Resources from the Consultation

Pre consultation Preparation

1. Review of core documents from previous Micah Network Consultation

2. Consultation Paper Submitted for Thun discussion and pre reading

3. Formats, Guidelines, Principles

5th Global Consultation Recordings, Documents, and Resources

1. Programme

2. Daily Devotional Reflections from Participants Handbook

3. Global Consultation Material