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Integral Mission and Freedom

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Monday to Friday
08/09/14 - 12/09/14
Livingstone, Zambia


The outcome document of this Consultation is now available:

Micah Livingstone Declaration

See the full Consultation Report here.


Please join us for our Africa Regional Consultation, September 8-12 2014.

Registration is now open!

The theme for the consultation will be Integral Mission and Freedom, with a focus on the issues of human trafficking, forced labour and other forms of exploitation.

The shocking reality is that more and more people are being bought and sold for forced labour, sexual exploitation, slavery, domestic servitude, organised crime and even the transactions of organs. People seeking a way out of poverty or hoping for better opportunities are deceived, entrapped and exploited. The conveyor belt of trafficking requires an integrated and concerted effort to prevent, protect, rescue and restore victims, alongside a clear process for prosecution of perpetrators and those complicit in these crimes.

Micah Network invites participation in this important consultation as we learn together what is being done, identify areas where we are called to work together to tackle this injustice, explore ways to raise awareness, and develop integrated responses to human trafficking in Africa.

The location for the event will be Livingstone, Zambia.

Session topics will include:

  • Protecting the Vulnerable
  • A Missional Approach
  • Building Awareness
  • Advocating Against Exploitation
  • An Integrated Response

The event program can be seen here.

A draft of the event flyer is available here.

Language: All sessions and content of this event will be in English

Insurance: PLEASE NOTE - all participants are required to arrange their own travel/health insurance. It is required that you are covered for the duration of the conference. 

Registration Process:

1.       Register online using the form below

2.       Download and complete the registration form above, returning it to:

3.       Send payment to Micah Network by:
a.        Bank transfer
b.        PayPal
c.        Western Union

See details here:

NOTE: Accommodation cost in the registration fee will cover 4 nights only, from Monday September 8 - Friday September 12. If you are arriving before these dates or remaining afterwards, you will be responsible for paying for the extra nights of accommodation upon arrival at the hotel.

Queries regarding this event should be sent to