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Solidarity in Disaster Management

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Monday to Friday
16/09/13 - 20/09/13
Manila, Philippines, The Legend Villas-Mandaluyong Hotel


Situated on the Pacific Rim of Fire, the Philippines ranks third on the list of countries most vulnerable to natural disasters, including tropical storms, floods, earthquakes, drought and sea level rise (United Nations University’s Institute for Environment and Human Security). Add extreme poverty to that, and you have a very challenging setting for ministry.  Philippine pastors have been faithful and determined in their response and have learned a great deal about disaster ministry and coping with minimal resources. This context makes an ideal place for us to gather and share learning around the important theme of solidarity in disaster management. On 16 to 20 September 2013, a diverse group of organizations (aid and mission organization, local churches and theological colleges) will meet for the week to consult on another on how a whole community can holistically respond to risk, crisis and disaster management. Drawing on the expertise and learning from the Philippines, Japan and other Asian contexts, we will seek to identify how to strengthen our support of the local churches engagement in disaster responses.

Aim of Consultation:

  • Consolidating learning from recent disaster management responses within the Asia region
  • Reflect on best practice in developing integrated holistic responses in risk reduction, crisis and disaster management, and sustainable rehabilitation
  • Explore ways of partnering, cooperation and supporting one another in disaster management, with a specific focus on working with the local church.
  • Produce a position paper on equipping and supporting the church in the developing world for disaster ministry
  • Specific learning outcomes in Philippine Context: As a church in a high disaster risk region, identify how the church in the Philippines has engaged in disaster ministry, including what can be learned from the ministries to the benefit of other churches,  and how these ministries can be strengthened; Train church leaders in disaster ministry (topics based on April survey of church and denomination leaders); Recruit a group of church volunteers to pilot a support toolkit for the Philippine church

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