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Justice for Children

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28 March 2013

I hope you are each doing well.

First of all, thank you once again, Enrique for your leadership of the Micah Network’s Commission on Children and to all those who have agreed to participate in the forum. I am praying for God to equip and guide each one of us.

I have attached a paper which may be of interest to you.

First some background: SIM is an international, interdenominational mission founded in 1893 which now has missionaries from over 40 countries serving in over 60 countries around the world (if you would like to know more, please see: In 2009, the SIM Board of Governors commissioned a task force to study and address issues of justice in the context of mission.  In this work, Dr Apolos Landa (South America Regional Director for the Luke Society) and I developed the focus on children. The attached document includes UNICEF’s snapshot of the state of children in the world today, a biblical basis supporting the importance of children, and priority recommendations for implementation.

We hope this paper will be useful for other missions, Christian NGOs, churches, and individuals as they consider their role in shaping the healthy and holistic development of children in their ministry contexts. The document may also be useful to those working on the biblical and theological perspectives task force. Please feel free to use and disseminate any or all of the ideas we present. The attached document is a pdf, but if a word document would be more useful to you for cutting and pasting, I’d be happy to send that to you—just let me know.

Thanks to you all for your efforts in protecting and strengthening the most vulnerable among us!

At your service,
Fiona (