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Call for Articles and Submissions

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6th Triennial Micah Global Consultation
Lima, Peru, 14 to 18 September 2015

Call for Articles and Submissions

As a network and movement, Micah endorses, facilitates and promotes the outworking of integral mission in culturally and geographically diverse contexts.

The overall theme for our 6th Global Consultation is:

Integral Mission and Shalom: justice, peace and joy

We invite you to submit material on this theme, specifically on:

What does it look like to seek Shalom through the practice of integral mission in your context?

We welcome a wide range of material capturing theological reflection, principles and processes of application and good practice, case studies, research and outcomes.  We encourage integration of theology and practice.

We hope that submissions will address integral practice in one or more of the following topics: 

• Shalom as non-violence
• Shalom as healing of body, mind and spirit
• Shalom as reconciliation
• Shalom as inclusion
• Shalom as building community
• Shalom as advocacy
• Shalom as tikkun olam: repairing the world
• Shalom as wholeness
• Shalom as art, music, dance, celebration

However this is not meant to limit the scope of the discussion. Authors are welcome to submit material on other themes.


We are inviting submissions of three types:

• Papers
• Stories
• Posters

An editorial team will work to publish the best submissions in a Consultation book . All submissions will be made available on the Consultation website.


Word limit: 3,000 - 5,000 words

Format: MS Word .doc or .docx, OpenDocument .odt. Full referencing and bibliography are expected, to normal academic standards.

Please submit a proposal in the form of a 250-word abstract to: by 30 April 2015. On receipt of proposals, the editorial team will send templates, style guides and citation guides.

Part of the Consultation will take the form of an Open Space for speakers to present and invite discussion based upon their papers. All submissions will be considered, however Micah members will receive priority time and space.


We welcome summaries of research, histories, and case studies: maximum 2,000 words of text. Images and video may also be submitted, but only as illustrations of the text story.

Please submit a 150-word summary of the ‘story’ to by 30 June 2015


Display boards of A0 size will be set up for an exhibition space that will run during the Consultation.

Aiming to express the theme creatively, we are seeking posters’ either of one A0 sheet or a number of smaller sheets.

Individuals or organisations wishing to display, please submit your themes and a sample of the material to by 31 July 2015.

Submission will be accepted in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French.

This call for submissions is available in FrenchSpanish and Portuguese.


For more information on the Global Consultation 2015 Integral Mission and Shalom: justice, peace, joy go to