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Case Studies - 2008 West Africa Consultation

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Nigeria, August 18-22 2008

What is good governance and how does it apply to non-profit organisations and churches? How do we adopt good practices to improve the effectiveness of our organisations? What are the challenges to good governance, and what can we learn from our experiences and from our peers in the region?

Micah Network invited participants to join with fellow Christian NGOs, churches and leaders from the region:

  • To understand the meaning and components of good governance
  • To strengthen the capacity of participating agencies in organisational governance
  • To encourage the adoption of good practices in organisational governance
  • To explore good practices and lessons learnt from plenary discussions, case studies and workshops
  • To deepen engagement with other Micah Network members in the region
  • To offer a space for prayerful reflection and mutual encouragement

Each day started with morning devotions, followed by a series of plenary sessions. The plenary topics included:

  • Servant Leadership & Integrity
  • Good Governance
  • Advocacy
  • Micah Challenge
  • Introduction to Integral Mission
  • Introduction to Micah Network

Participants interacted over the plenary sessions in smaller groups, in order to get the benefit of everyone’s experiences and perspectives.

Each afternoon, participants had the opportunity to choose from a range of case studies and workshops that build on the morning’s plenary topics. These small group sessions were designed to facilitate practical learning, and the sharing of ideas and experiences.