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Integral Mission in the New Millennium - Papers

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Micah Network's inaugural Hong Kong consultation in 2006 brought together around 40 pastors and NGO leaders and workers from the Asian region.

While the group was not representative of the East Asian region, its members did have rich experience in relief, development, justice and mission work in the region. The consultation provided an opportunity for this group of participants to develop a deeper understanding of integral mission and to dialogue with one another about the practical application of integral mission to their work and personal faith journeys.

The program included:

  • a keynote address and bible teaching on integral mission by Dr Melba Padilla Maggay, President of the Institute for Studies in Asian Church and Culture (ISACC) Philippines and a member of Micah Network's International Panel of Reference
  • bible teaching and plenary talk on the biblical mandate for doing advocacy, by Reverend CB Samuel, Chair of Prabhaav and member of Micah Network's International Panel of Reference
  • plenary talk and workshops on "Compassionate Community Development" by Dave Andrews, a community development worker and teacher with rich experience in walking with the poor

Participants actively involved in Christian relief and development work also learnt from the experience of their peers, with practical case studies presented by:

  • Lee Chee Loi, Executive Director of Malaysian Care
  • Paulina Ng, Projects officer of Cedar Fund Hong Kong
  • Bill Mills, Partnering Team Leader, JCS Mongolia
  • Stan Rowland, Medical Ambassadors International

Participants jointly worked on a report of the consultation, which summarises the proceedings and sets out some of the key lessons learnt and issues identified for further collaborative action and reflection.