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Plan Be: Be The Change You Want To See In The World by Dave Andrews

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Plan Be by Dave Andrews

Dave Andrews, author of Compassionate Community Work, has published a book entitled Plan Be: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Plan Be rescues the ‘beatitudes’ from their obscurity as a poetic introduction to Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and reframes them as a set of radical ‘Be-Attitudes’ that can enable us to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’. According to Dave Andrews, the ‘Be-Attitudes’ are an original, imaginative and brilliantly do-able set of realistic ideals that introduce us to Jesus’ ingenious way of engaging our world of poverty and violence.

Plan Be has an introductory price of AUD 15. Email for details on how to obtain a copy.
'Plan Be is a simple practical easy-to-use manual for a do-it-yourself global ethical revolution. In 8 concise punchy chapters Dave Andrews unpacks the hidden dynamics in the 8 Be-Attitudes and shows us how they can help us reshape our personal-political worlds’.
‘The essence of Jesus’ teaching is the Sermon on the Mount. Yet Christians have not taken this seriously. Dave Andrews reminds us that we edit out this teaching at our global peril.’ Tim Costello, CEO, World Vision Australia‘Dave Andrews helps us to emancipate the Beatitudes from the too-hard list, and embrace them as prime ingredients in God’s recipe for a grace-full revolution.’ Steve Bradbury, Micah Network
‘Plan Be is a call to live against the tide of violence, vengeance and unforgiveness, in order to nurture into being a world that reflects the radical love and justice of the One who uttered the words of the beatitudes so long ago. This book is to be read, internalised and lived!’ Dr Charles Ringma, Theologian.

With the support of the Qld Bible Society, Capacity Builders have helped develop some great campaign resources for individuals, groups, schools, colleges, churches and all kinds of print and electronic media to use along with Plan Be. They include:

The Plan Be website - – totally redesigned with brilliant graphics
The Plan Be DVD – a 1 min promo on the beatitudes and 8 compelling sets of vox pop interviews with people about their understandings of the beatitudes (see on order from )
The Plan Be booklet - an edited selection from the book (see on order from )
Daily Be – an 8-week action guide based on each beatitude (see on order from )
The Good Be Group Guide – a guide for studying Plan Be and for developing your own Be Group.(see on order from )
Songs In The Key Of Be – Book of Lyrics (see on order from Songs In The Key Of Be – Book of Music (see on order from )
Songs In The Key Of Be – 50 songs ( hear on order from )