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Micah Network Partnership Values

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As members of a network of evangelical Christian development, relief and advocacy organisations, we relate to one another on the basis of our beliefs and our shared commitment to Integral Mission. In responding to the circumstances of poor communities through Integral Mission, we often choose to work in partnerships.

We define partnerships as mutually beneficial relationships of two or more autonomous bodies who share a common vision and are working towards a common goal. We recognise and affirm the rich value, diversity and complexity of such partnerships. We also believe they provide an invaluable environment for mutual learning, leading to improved impact and benefit for the poor.

Experience has taught us that effective, healthy, respectful and mutually beneficial partnerships require the consistent application of values that are integral to our faith. We look to practise these values in all we do, embracing servant leadership and rejecting the misuse of power and control. We confess our inconsistency in this, and look to one another and the Holy Spirit for help in applying these values in our personal and partnership relationships.