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Ethiopian Mulu Wongel Amagnoch Church Development Organisation is a member of the Micah Network



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Reformed Presbyterian Church North East India


Renewal Ministry Fellowship


Revival Time Ministry

Royal Ambassador Ministries Inc

Rural Care Ministries

Rural Development Interdiocesan Service

RURCON (Rural Development Counsellors for Christian Churches in Africa)




Sahaara Charitable Society

SALT Alliance

Salvation Gate Ministry

Samaritan Uplift Service / Samari Utthan Sewa (SUS)

Samaritana Transformation Ministries

Sanctuary Of The Blood Of Jesus (SOTBOJ)

School of Leadership and Development, Eastern University

Scripture Union Zimbabwe

SEAP Pakistan

SEL France

Servant Partners

Servants to Asia's Urban Poor - Australia

Servants to Asia's Urban Poor - Cambodia

Servants to Asia's Urban Poor - Philippines

Servants to Asia's Urban Poor UK

Shalom Primary School

SHALOM _ Asociación para el Desarrollo Integral

Shanti Nepal


Share An Opportunity - Philippines

Share an Opportunity Uganda

Share and Care in Medico

Sharothi Global Foundation

Sheepfold Ministries

Siam Care Foundation

Sikalongo Bible Institute

SIL International

SIM Ethiopia

SIM International

Smile always Foundation

Spring to Life

Spurgeon's College

Step Ahead Foundation

Strategies for Hope Trust


SU - Tanzania

Swap Trust

Swedish Mission Council


Synergy Farms International