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Anna Hazare - Gandhian fighting corruption in India

Corruption issues in India

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22 August 2011

It is now a week since Anna Hazare has gone on a fast demanding the introduction of the Jan Lokpal in Parliament and making it law. Earlier, in April 2011, Hazare and his supporters went on a fast which they ended after being officially invited by the Government of India to join a committee to draft the Lokpal Bill. A draft bill was introduced in Parliament by the Government. There were vital differences between civil society's proposal - Jan Lokpal Bill - and the Government's. Anna Hazare and his team are demanding that the Jan Lokpal Bill be intorduced and passed as law. With popular support of its citzens in India and abroad, and substantial media coverage, the movement continues to grow. 

The Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI) in a statement posted on its website has invited the nation 'to introspect and unite in purpose, joining hands together to dialogue and work toward making India corruption free.  Visit

The National Council of Churches in India has earlier today issued a press release, (also posted on its website) to 'call upon the churches to pray for the country, and to do all that is possible to promote justice and wholistic growth of all sections of the society.'

Please pray for India. Pray that Christians in India will continue to stand up for what is right.


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