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Honduras  - An outcry of pain we must hear

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21 December 2017

Honduras  - An outcry of pain we must hear

On the 26th November general elections were held in Honduras. Observers raised a substantial list of concerns about irregularities in the voting process. During the count the incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernández was losing by what many agreed was an insurmountable lead, and the electoral commission suddenly stopped announcing results for several hours. When they resumed Mr Hernández was winning! This illustrates clearly the power he has to change the constitution so he can run again, to control the media, and the election reporting. Indeed, he holds the powers of the State tightly in his grip.

People are desperate for change. Honduras is one of the poorest American nations, with the highest levels of violence, endemic corruption and a massive disparity between a very few extremely wealthy people and the majority poor population. It is a country where children are at risk from a multitude of threats.

Trust in Honduras’s governance has been eroded by the constant abuse of power. International recognition of serious human rights violations and embedded corruption has led to interventions by the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, as well as the Organisation of American States (OAS). National protests seeking to raise the alarm about corruption and human rights seem to have fallen on deaf ears. Even the OAS reports made during the election highlighting serious irregularities and thus calling for a new election have not been acted on.

The desperation and frustration from yet another failed election led to further protests, which were met with an inappropriate use of deadly force resulting in an increasing number of deaths, especially amongst the young people, and hundreds are injured. Those held unjustly are being tortured.

European news gives virtually no air time to this and it appears the USA is intentionally turning a blind eye. Could it be that they have their own interests at heart and not that of the country in turmoil? Is the injustice and destruction being minimalised for their own gain?

God has not turned a blind eye and sees all; the perpetrators of injustice and violence, the complicit silence of neighbouring countries and of the West. He hears the cry of the vulnerable, the poor, the marginalised, and the at-risk children, and calls us to seek the Shalom of this nation through urgently needed intercession, through solidarity with his call for justice and righteousness, and in love for our family in Honduras.

Micah Global seeks to raise awareness of what is happening in Honduras and asks us to all join in prayer and lament for this precious nation.

Let us cry out in pain with Honduras now.

A Declaration of Solidarity

Respecting democracy is the necessary way to preserve Honduras from death and violence

At this time of social and political crisis that the Honduran people are going through, derived from the re-election of the current President through an electoral process marked by irregularities that harm the will of the people, MICAH GLOBAL, inspired by the message of justice and peace of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, declares the following:

1.      We must express our deep outrage and rejection of the institutional violence against the population of that country, which has legitimately gone into the streets to demonstrate against the fraudulent actions that the political and electoral authorities support to prevent the will of the people from being fulfilled at the polls.

2.      We express our solidarity with the families of those whose relatives were tortured and murdered. We believe that the peace and harmony of Hondurans is of greatest value. Respecting democracy and the rights of citizens is necessary to preserve a society from death and violence.

3.      We recognize that this situation has accentuated the divisions in the country and that includes the local church. However, in the midst of differences, we encourage communities of faith to remember and recognize the call of Jesus Christ to be promoters of Peace, Justice, Truth and Mercy in all circumstances. We are disciples with dual citizenship, with a serious responsibility for the integral well-being of our communities.

4.      We encourage our communities and faith-based organizations in Latin America and the world to pray for the Honduran people, as well as to intercede with national and international jurisdictions so that the voices of solidarity for justice, respect for rights and democracy prevail in the current electoral process in Honduras.

We dream together with our brothers and sisters for a new dawn in Honduras. Our voices of protest will allow us to build a country where justice and peace meet, and well-being reaches everyone (Psalm 85:10).