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Gender Forum

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The Micah Network Gender Forum was established in October 2007 and has approximately 80 members who are gender and development practitioners.

1. Description

The Gender Forum provides a platform within Micah Network that encourages and assists the Church to work in unity as it contributes to the achievement of Millennium Development Goal 3 - Promote Gender Equality and Empower Women through:

  • Encouraging, enabling and inspiring Christian men and women, separately and together, to raise issues and take responsibility for gender based inequality, discrimination and oppression.
  • Enabling Christian women and men to recognise, discuss, debate, train, research, advocate and support local churches regarding gender concerns.
  • Engaging men and women theologians in gender issues that face the Church.
  • Analysing the gendered family and inheritance practices of many societies to throw light on the origin of much gender discrimination.
  • Teaching against beliefs and practices that damage, ruin or deny the lives of girls and boys, women and men.
  • Encouraging reflective and inclusive practices that provide accountability back to Micah Network ensuring gender equality is practised and promoted in all its undertakings.

2. Purpose

To intentionally motivate, guide, support and equip MICAH Network members to embrace an agreed gender policy and set of principles and to actively participate in responding, through an integral mission approach, to gender and gender based issues.

3. Outputs

  1. Coordinate, promote and support MNGF members to actively participate and contribute to the discussion and debate on issues related to gender and share evidenced based stories of good practice.
  2. Integrate a theological understanding of gender and gender equality into Micah Network Forums and all of its undertakings.
  3. Establish mechanisms that promote effective communication with Gender Forum participants globally.
  4. Establish a group of women and men theologians to develop a theological reflection paper on gender.
  5. Establish a reference group to help guide the Forum over the next 2 years. This will be made up of gender experts of both sexes representing different parts of the globe.
  6. Promote and support learning and good practice in regards to gender and gender equality.
  7. Review current Gender Forum documents (Strategic Plans and ToR) and develop a strategic plan to guide the work of the Gender Forum over the next 3-5 years.

4. Join

To enquire about joining the Micah Network Gender Forum, please email the facilitator Sue Barclay.

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