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Types of Involvement

There are a variety of ways you can be involved with Micah:

Be a Member

  • Full Membership
  • Associate Membership
  • Individual Membership

Be a Supporter

  • Organisations
  • Individuals

Be a Friend

  • Contacts
  • Participants (events and forums)

Work with Us

  • Salaried
  • Seconded
  • Volunteers
  • Advisors


Why become a member?

Micah is both a movement and a network for integral mission. As a Member, you will be able to fully participate in the diverse global community of Micah: sharing and growing together in the practice of integral mission and standing united in our advocacy efforts against poverty, injustice and conflict.

By joining as a Micah member, you will be adding your voice, your knowledge and your unique gifting to the Micah movement – we are stronger together, and your membership adds to our value.

In becoming a member of Micah, you will be equipped and encouraged towards:

  • Increased effectiveness in applying integral mission approaches
  • Increased efficiency through sharing information and learning on integral mission, for example:
    • Theological reflection - the why. Seeking to understand God's missionary heart as we respond in a relevant way to the needs around us
    • Good practice - the how. Striving to respond to the needs around us in a relevant and appropriate way
    • Inspiring and motivating one another - celebrating testimonies of transformation, sharing learning through case studies, reviews and experiences, continuously improving
  • Increased capacity to add to a united voice, advocating for and with the poor, oppressed and marginalised
  • Building genuine relationships with fellow members, mutually building one another up in the work of integral mission
  • Participation in key discussions, events and workshops, allowing further growth in the understanding and application of integral mission, whilst contributing your own expertise and insight to an ongoing, global dialogue.

As a movement we pursue together a common goal to promote integral mission because we believe that demonstrating and proclaiming God's love is the responsibility of all Christians. God's love for the world challenges us to engage in and with society, seeking holistic transformation.

Membership therefore helps us to stand together as a group of Christians committed to integral mission and to motivate and inspire one another and others to embrace and practice integral mission.

There are three types of membership in Micah, depending upon whether you are applying on behalf of an organisation (and what type of organisation this is), or as an individual.

If you are considering membership with Micah, you can read more about the rationale here.

To apply for membership, please complete the application form here and return to


A supporter is an organisation or individual who acknowledges the importance of an integral mission approach to mission; is interested in the vision, mission and aims of Micah; and would like to contribute financially and / or with their gifts to the work of Micah but without formal membership status. Contributions can be in the form of:

  • A grant - specified for a project, initiative or event
  • A gift - to the overall implementation of Micah's aims
  • Support - of a smaller organisation to attend or participate in events
  • A tithe - a monthly regular payment for a committed period of time
  • Time - such as translation, administration, intercession, consultation, mentoring (and many more)


A friend is an individual or organisation with an interest in integral mission who would like to be in contact with Micah to:

  • Share information
  • Receive newsletters
  • Participate in open forums (reading, learning, sharing)
  • Partner in specified initiatives
  • Register on our consultant / trainer database


Micah relies on a small number of dedicated and experienced staff.

Salaries of the staff are covered by membership contributions, organisations or individual supporters who commit to cover specified positions and grants for project managers / officers.

As Micah undergoes a period of transition in 2015, the staffing structure is being reviewed. Any new staff positions which become available will be posted on this page.


Member organisations are encouraged to second members of staff to Micah to offer their expertise in required roles. These roles could include for example:

  • Thematic Facilitators
  • Events/logistics Managers
  • Researchers and writers
  • Consultants


Individuals with commitment to the vision, mission and aims of Micah who want to donate their time, gifts and skills can do so by volunteering. Examples of volunteer roles can include:

  • Translators
  • Interpreters
  • Speakers, lecturers, practitioners, theologians
  • IT support
  • Thematic Facilitators

To register your interest in volunteering for Micah, please email


Individuals with expertise and gifts that can act as advisors in specific areas:

  • Panel of Reference: theological experts who help us in our Biblical perspective analysis and reflection and hold us to account on matters of exegesis
  • Thematic or Contextual Experts: experts in areas of concern may be invited to support the work of Micah on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis.