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Global and Regional Consultations (2001-2011)

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In-between the Triennial Global Consultations Micah network facilitated thematic consultations. Below is a list of those which released papers and leaning:

2002: HIV and AIDS and Integral Mission (Chaing Mai, Thailand)

- Role of the Church – Jephias Mundondo

- List of Papers

2004: Advocacy and Justice (Pune, India)

- Establishment of Micah Challenge Campaign (partnership between Micah Network and World Evangelical Alliance.)

- Justice and Advocacy – Steve Bradbury

2004: Advocacy and Integral Mission (Johannesburg, South Africa)

- Ten Theological Theses on Mission and Development – Steve de Gruchy

- Integral Mission African Context – Lawrence Temfwe

- Micah Challenge and Africa – Paul E Mususu

- The Challenge and Opportunity – Doug Balfour

2005: HIV & AIDS and the Church (Kathmandu, Nepal)

- Letters to Church Leaders – Dino L Touthang

2005: Integral Mission and Development (Jomtien, Thailand)

- Integral Mission and Development – Dino L Touthang

- Mobilising the Church for Care Giving – Oum Vutha and Rosalie Thompson

- Relief and Integral Mission – Roshan Mendis

- The Politics of Jesus – Melba Maggay

2006: Integral Mission and the New Millennium (Hong Kong)

- Integral Mission and Relief and Development – Dave Andrews

2007: Marginalise People – Our Response (Genting Highlands, Malaysia)

- A Call to the Church to Respond to the Marginalised – October 2007

- A Holistic Approach to HIV and AIDS – Peter Okaalet

- Rediscovering Gender – Elnora B Avarientos

- Disability and Marginalisation – Kirsty Thomson and Solveni Tubuitamana

2007: Integral Mission and the Church (Burkina Faso)

- Statement on the Role of the Church in Integral Mission – Micah Network

2007: Theological Educators’ – on HIV and AIDS (Genting Highland, Malaysia)

- Theological Reflections on Holistc Approaches to HIV and AIDs – Donald E Messer

- Introduction to Curriculum Guidelines – Siga Arles

- Culture, Gender and the Bible – Melba Maggay

- Sexuality in the Old Testament – Paulson Pulikoytti

2008: The Church and Good Governance (Lagos, Nigeria)

- Communiqué on the Church and Good Governance – August 2008

- Servant Leadership and Integrity – Mike Oyer

- The Church and Advocacy – Micah Network

2008: Churches Living with HIV (Pattaya, Thailand)

- HIV – A Call to Action – WEA

- Statement on HIV and AIDS – Micah Network, October 2008

2009: Strategic Conversation on Gender (Limuru, Kenya)

- Gender and Integral Mission – Micah Network, July 2009

- Gender Policy – Micah Network, July 2009

- Statement of Belief in Relation to Gender – Micah Network, July 2009

2010: Gender Relations and Violence Against Women (Salinas, Ecuador)

- Report and Outcomes – Micah Network

2011: Review of Micah Declaration on Integral Mission (High Wycombe, England)

- Galilean Option – C. René Padilla

- Review of 10 Years – Vinoth Ramachandara

- Proclamation – Chris Sugden