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HIV & AIDS Forum

HIV & AIDS Forum

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The Micah Network's HIV Forum is structured around the commitments made by the General Assembly of the World Evangelical Alliance in a call to action in 2008.  This forum is set up to host ongoing discussions and sharing, which might support and enable the realisation of the commitments made by the leaders of the WEA in 2008.

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In announcing its call to action, the WEA released the following press release.

WEA Accepts Call to Action on HIV

Micah Network's Global HIV Consultation on Churches Living With HIV held a meeting in Pattaya, Thailand October 21-24, 2008 which challenged the World Evangelical Alliance (WEA) to take action on HIV. On the consultation's final day the “HIV - Call to Action” document was affirmed by the Micah leadership and forwarded to WEA. WEA's General Assembly received and affirmed the Call to Action in an overwhelming vote on October 29, 2008.

Bishop Gerry Seale, General Secretary of the Evangelical Association of the Caribbean, has agreed to lead a small task force to recommend how WEA can implement the Call to Action. Representatives from Asia, Africa and the Americas will be joined on the task force by Rev. Patricia Sawo of ANERELA+ (the African Network of Religious Leaders Living With and Personally Affected by HIV) and Sally Smith (UNAIDS). The task force is expected to complete its recommendations by June 30, 2009.

“With the unanimous approval by the WEA 12th General Assembly of this important ‘Call to Action’ our global network of leaders has indicated their commitment to call the Church and in particular our global network to a proactive response to HIV/AIDS,” said Dr. Tunnicliffe, International Director of the WEA.  “We believe it is critical for us as followers of Jesus Christ that we play our part in mitigating the impact of this pandemic. We are calling upon all Christians to join us in this important cause.” He added, “I recognize that as a religious leader my own actions and words have significant impact in the lives of many people and want to lead this community of believers to challenge stigma and discrimination towards people living with HIV in all its forms through our churches and in our communities."




The Micah Network HIV and AIDS Forum was established in January 2007.  Based on a terms of reference, developed at a Micah Network Global Consultation, the HIV Forum operated for over 4 years according to that framework which is outlined below:

1. Name: Micah Network HIV and AIDS Forum

  • 'Forum' to indicate exchange of ideas and not 'network' so as to differentiate easily from Micah 'Network'

2. Purposes

  • to share information, learnings, strategies and resources (eg technical support publications, theological reflections, case studies, good practices, policy and briefing papers and training materials) to better equip one another to respond to HIV and AIDS
  • to provide a space for fellowship and prayer for our work in the fight against HIV and AIDS and our walk with those infected and affected
  • to provide a space for development and dissemination of theological reflection on HIV and AIDS in different cultural settings
  • to develop good practice guidelines and other resources where needed
  • to act as a resource for the wider Micah Network member base (eg capacity building, speaking into the church and advocacy)

3. Scope: Six forms of exchange

  • Sharing learnings and good practices (case studies, guidelines etc)
  • Prayer Diary
  • Theology
  • News and events updates (eg news and collaboration opportunities from other networks)
  • Interaction around discussion topic
  • Information, Education and Communication Resources

4. Modes of discussion

  • Face to face: at Micah Network Consultations
  • Email: using Google Groups
  • Website: key resources to be accessible on Micah Network website