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04 Mar 2011

Jubilee Centre Case Study: Memorandum of Understanding, Ndola, Zambia

This case study is a clear example of outworking… read

19 Mar 2011

Justice & Advocacy

A paper from the 2004 Regional Consultation on… read

21 Mar 2011

Justice, Peace & Human Development by Rev. Martin Adhikary

A transcript of a message delivered by Rev Martin… read

08 Mar 2011

Ken Gnanakan: Climate change and global economics

A transcript of an address by Ken Gnanakan from… read

17 Mar 2011

Key Influences on Local Churches by Tim Chester

Tim Chester has written a helpful paper for those… read

16 Mar 2011

Liberating the Rich Church

A summary of a workshop held by Steve Bradbury,… read

17 Mar 2011

Living Creation: Community in God's World Today by Ruth Padilla de Borst

A transcript of a plenary talk at the 2009 Micah… read

03 Mar 2011

Local church and community development

Detailed Case Study of church mobilisation for… read

02 Aug 2011

Marginalised People - Our Christian Response: Plenaries

Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation 1 - 5 October… read

02 Aug 2011

Marginalised People - Our Christian Response: Small Groups

Participants had the opportunity to attend 6 case… read