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24 Mar 2011

Prevention: The Successes and the Challenges

This paper was presented by Dr Peter Deutschmann,… read

28 Jul 2011

Principles and Practice of Christian Management - Report

In 2001 Micah Network held a workshop hosted by… read

06 Aug 2012


Chris Sugden considers the Micah Declaration of… read

03 Mar 2011

Profile of an HIV & AIDs Project, India

A Brief Profile of Emmanuel Hospital Association… read

08 Mar 2011

Prophetic Challenges concerning poverty from Ashburton Baptist Church, Australia

A transcript of a sermon from Ashburton Baptist… read

29 Jul 2011

Proposal Writing Workshop - Cambodia 2007

In late April, Lea Davis from TEAR Australia and… read

26 Mar 2011

Proselytism Policy Statement

A paper from the 2007 South Asia, Micah Network… read

15 Mar 2011

Queretero Declaration

An output of the 2003 Triennial Global… read

24 Mar 2011

Reading the Bible for Transformation - Limuru, Kenya 2009

A guide to reading the Bible for transformation… read

31 Mar 2011

Reconstruction Stories

Stories of reconstruction following disasters and… read