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03 Mar 2011

Case Study: HIV & AIDs Project, Nigeria

Aid for AIDS and Design for the Family This paper… read

03 Mar 2011

Case Study: HIV & AIDs Support, Uganda

HIV/AIDS Care & Support Programmes &… read

05 Mar 2011

Case Study: Organisational Governance

A case study with discussion questions on the… read

24 Mar 2011

Case Study: The Maria Da Penha Law in Brazil

A paper by Rev. Sérgio Andrade,… read

04 Mar 2011

Case Study: What should the church do about HIV & AIDs?

Role of the Church, Christian Volunteers and the… read

04 Mar 2011

Challenges of HIV & AIDs

Present and future challenges: The scale, impact… read

19 Mar 2011

Challenges to achieving MDGs in India by Salathiel Nalli

A paper from the 2004 Regional Consultation on… read

24 Mar 2011

Change Study Process (WCC)

This extract from World Council of Churches'… read

17 Mar 2011

Christian Mission in a Global Perspective by René Padilla

The outline of an academic module on Integral… read

15 Mar 2011

Church and Community - by David Coffey

A transcript of a talk by David… read