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Marginalised People - Our Christian Response: Plenaries

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Asia-Pacific Regional Consultation

1 - 5 October 2007

320 particpants from 30 countries attended the Asia-Pacific regional consultation held in the Genting Highlands of Malaysia, on the theme of Marginalised People - Our Christian Response.

Micah Network’s members in the Asia-Pacific region are nearly all seeking to respond to the marginalised in their communities.

This region-wide gathering sought:

  • To strengthen capacity of participating agencies to work with marginalised people
  • To nurture Christian workers
  • To offer space for prayerful reflection and mutual encouragement
  • To provide opportunities for in-depth exposure to sub-themes through case studies and workshops
  • To explore good practices and lessons learnt
  • To encourage a deeper understanding of integral mission
  • To deepen engagement with other Micah Network members in the region

The cross-cutting issues of the consultation were: Stigma, HIV and AIDS, Gender, Advocacy and Disability.

Sub themes of the consultation included poor communities, youth and children at risk, commercial sex workers and trafficking, indigenous people, drug users, leprosy, people in prison, migrant workers, displaced people and working with people of other faiths.

Micah Network is grateful to Malaysian Care for hosting the consultation.