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A Christian Response to HIV & AIDs

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Micah Network held a consultation in Kathmandu, Nepal from 5-8 July 2005 on "A Christian response to HIV & AIDS".

92 people from 59 Christian agencies and churches from Nepal, North East India and Myanmar participated in the consultation.

Key objectives of the consultation included:

  • To explore a Christian response to HIV & AIDS
  • To enhance capacity and promote best practice in HIV & AIDS
  • To explore and understand integral mission
  • To develop a statement of theological reflections on a Christian response to HIV & AIDS

The program included:

  • bible teachings from Rev Dino Touthang, EFICOR and Steve Bradbury, TEAR Australia
  • a plenary talk on "HIV & AIDS and a Christian response - present and future challenges for our churches" (a representative from Myanmar)
  • a plenary talk on "Engaging Church Leaders to meet the challenges" (D Ratno, Director of NEIDAC)
  • input from Dr Peter Deutschmann (Director of the Australian International Health Institute (AIHI)) on HIV prevention - successes and challenges.
  • case studies on HIV & AIDS programs from within the region (Project Orchid (EHA), Shalom Mizoram, World Concern Myanmar and other case studies from within Nepal and Myanmar)
  • opportunities for networking with other organisations involved in HIV & AIDS ministries
  • group input into a letter to church leaders in the region on the theme of "HIV & AIDS and the Church - What does the Lord require of us?"